Favorite Place I’ve Travelled To 

Recently I changed my bio on my Facebook account from “a lucky wife blablabla” into “an adventerous woman who trapped in a homebody-person”. I am still a lucky wife, for sure. Only I am not really confident to proclaim myself as a traveller that’s why the recent bio sounds paradox. 

A traveller, if I may define, should at least have travelled to 10 different cities, 5 different countries, 50 different places, and dare to do the travel solo. Me? I have only visited 4 other countries than Indonesia, less than 10 cities outside Pontianak, and not really sure if I would be okay wandering around any city all by myself. Other reason behind the paradox-bio is because most of my days, I feel like I am having a sedentary lifestyle but on the other hand, I am also eager to go outside to have an adventure to enhance my adrenaline. 

So far, as I mentioned, besides Indonesia, I (only) have visited 4 different countries: Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Cities (either it’s big or small city) I’ve visited besides Pontianak are Sintang, Sekadau, Singkawang, Bandung, Semarang, Jogja, and Jakarta. Oh my gosh, almost 30 years living in this world and I went nowhere 😢

On the way to Masjidil Haram

However, at least not literally “nowhere”. Among those countries and cities I’ve visited, I have favorite places on my list. Can you guess what? True! Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi. It was in 2013 when I and my husband had a chance to do umroh. As a moslem, I felt *and still feel* very excited and so lucky to be able to put my foot down the places where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also had put his steps there. When I first saw the ka’bah, it was so indescribable. I was happily crying. Not all human beings even not all moslems are given the chance to directly see the best world wander. I felt so blessed. 

Not only the chance to do umroh that we got when visiting Mecca and Madina, but also the chance to improve our English. For real. Even in the land where Arabian language is spoken, English is also very useful for me and my husband. We used English to communicate with some people from other countries like India, Jordan, and Egypt. Although it was not a long and deep talk, but at least English helped us for certain things when we were there. There’s no harm at all speaking English in Arab countries 😄

Well, until the moment I typed this posting, I do really wanna be back there again, to do hajj. Insya Allah one day I will. With my husband. 

I think no other place could beat the vibe of happiness I got during visiting those two places. I hope I will add more cities and countries to visit after posting this post. Especially other cities in Indonesia that I haven’t been to before. 

So I guess, this is it. See you on my next posting 😉

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