Happy birthday, Radio Volare!

William Barclay once said, “There are 2 great days in a person’s life, the day we’re born and the day we discover why”, and today I discover that Volare 103.4 FM has been giving me and a lot of people very exquisite moments to remember. Keep inspiring, and always be the only radio station that makes the quality as the priority. Happy birthday Volare.

Entry Ten: Weblogs preserve our writing

Write like you dance

Today I’ve reached the emerging theme called: E-portfolio. In literature review, I did elaborate about about Weblogs as e-portfolio, so well, that’s what we should do when writing the theoretical foundation, no? It should be the guide in Chapter 4, anticipating the data that may come out for the project.

And I am really glad that all of the participants I interviewed show their positive attitude towards the use of Weblogs as the media to ‘preserve’ their writing. They mentioned that one of many ways to do it is by publishing their assignments to blog. Or at least, make use the blog as the media to practice their writing. By the time goes on, they will find out whether or not they make any advancement.

And that’s what I do now.

Years from today, I think I will laugh out loud reading what I am writing now, as I did when I read what I used to write and publish, till I decide to retract some of my full-of-shame-moments entries =p

Well, Weblogs are, in fact, giving us opportunity to track our writing. More than that, many people may have benefits from what we wrote. As I frequently tell you, we never know who might be inspired and motivated or at least informed after reading our postings. Or maybe, falling in love to you because your writing is just so enchanted. Who knows, rite?

If you’re interested to have more academic-taste elucidation about Weblogs as e-portfolio, you can read it here.

Entry Nine: Vacation Project has no days off


The calender says today is Chinese New Year so people are having one day off. Throwing back the past few days, I would have been skipping the project as I usually did on weekend.

No more. No more.

I am still writing. Inserting students’ blog screenshot. Continuing the analysis.

Sometimes in the middle of writing when I take my break *that I do very often*, I wish the project just get done itself. Oh day dream.

Then I recalled what my first supervisor told me and my friends, our own effort when doing this project will be very memorable. It will result a huge satisfaction when we do it ourselves. It will produce a long lasting.

And to make it so, I need to go on. No days off for this project until I finish it.

Entry Eight: A Bunch of Motivation


Keep writing before it stops snowing

I feel so elated today.

I got one more reference for my online observation notes. I recognize that the language style that I always use since the very first time I started blogging is called netspeak, or textspeak.

My unofficial supersivor told me that it was also conformed to text-based language. Non academic writing. For example, “That’s what I told u”. The use of that’s and u indicates that the language style is netspeak, generally used in text messages and other online communication to simplify the real words without losing its meaning.

Also, netspeak is like when we are having conversation instead of writing. Well, that’s somewhat how I feel when I write in blog. Some people call it as blogging language, though. The purpose is to make the audience comfortable when reading the entries. Do you feel like now I am talking to you when you read this? I do :p

Another reason of my ecstatic feeling today is the picture above: Keep writing because we are waiting *snowman, and snowflake* :D

In this so-many-self-distractors condition, all I need is actually simply a bunch of motivation. From inside and outside of me. So, thank you to contribute upholding my motivation.

Entry Seven: Never Ending Writing


Self-enticement to delay, till the 17th day of this month which should have been Entry Seventeen of this project, is still the major factor of why ten days have been wasted for nothing. I really thank Allah that I have two great supervisors who never stop insisting me to finish this project. And now this sentence is starting to sound like ‘Acknowledgement’ section of a paper :lol:

Today, I pull myself to continue writing. So far I’ve written about 1,000 words of 13,374. I don’t know whether or not this kinda project has minimum or maximum words, but I reckon what I am doing today hasn’t my best yet. Then I took a break a while, checking my phones that remain silent *because I set them so*, and one SMS was unread in my primary number. I thought it must be from the cell-operator that frequently send messages to the customers. Surprisingly, it wasn’t them. It was one of my supervisors, asking whether or not I have finished writing the thesis. It wasn’t his first SMS asking the question. And I feel like a student who procrastinate the project for years for receiving that kinda question at that time :'( Feeling sooo guilty *again and again*

Today I really feel grateful to have the SMS. It opened my eyes and got me up, and made me aware that this vacation project denies all the delays. This project deserves to be paid myriad attention from me. I cannot have reason to keep the lazy bones growing in me. This project does have DEADLINE, and I have to make it on time!

I have 24 hours a day. And I think I am to make the half of it to accomplish the project. What about yours?

Apa sih yang asik dari radio?


Jelang 42 tahun Radio Volare

1. Pertama kali on air dengan status sebagai penyiar (walopun masih training) itu tanggal 11 Maret 2003 di @radiovolare and it was amazing

2. Sejak SMP memang senang dengar radio. Dan ingin sekali jadi penyiar. And you know what we need to be a broadcaster? Be a good listener first.

3. Dan akan makin seru ketika kita tak sekedar menjadi pendengar, tapi juga menjadi pendengar yang aktif interaksi. #DengarRadioYok

4. Menjadi passive listener mungkin lebih mudah daripada menjadi active listener, tapi menjadi active listener is challenging! #DengarRadioYok

5. Misal ni ya, pagi2 nyimak program di @radiovolare yang kadang membahas isu nasional yang sedang hangat…

6. Dan menjadi active listener ‘memaksa’ kita untuk berpikir kritis agar bisa nimbrung dengan penyiar. #DengarRadioYok

7. Plus, menjadi active listener juga membuka peluang untuk menambah teman baru loh. #DengarRadioYok

8. Dan kalo menjadi active listener di @radiovolare, berpotensi menjadi listener of the month :D #DengarRadioYok

9. Anyway, baik itu menjadi pendengar aktif atau pasif, mendengar radio salah 1 mood booster yang oke loh. #DengarRadioYok

10. Coba deh simak ketika penyiar bersiaran, tak ada kan yang mengajak pendengar untuk bersedih hati hihi. #DengarRadioYok

11. Meski radio tak menampilkan rupa penyiar, namun ketika bersiaran, para penyiar berbicara dengan senyum paling manis :)  #DengarRadioYok

12. Jadi, di hari radio ini, yok #DengarRadioYok dan ikut andil menjadi masyarakat yang memberi pengaruh baik untuk orang banyak.

Disalin dari Chirpstory dalam rangka World Radio Day yang diperingati kemarin, 13 Februari 2014.

Happy already radio day!