Gratitude in the attitude


Have your gratitude increased, for it will elevate your bliss.

Rasa-rasanya, tema ‘syukur’ adalah tema yang harus sering dibahas, mengingat manusia *atau lebih spesifiknya lagi, saya* gampang sekali lupa menerapkan resep bahagia yang satu ini. Gampang mengeluh, membanding-bandingkan hidup orang lain yang tampaknya lebih nyaman dan menyenangkan, lalu lupa bahwa hidup saya sama sekali tidak susah. Malah barangkali ada orang di luar sana yang begitu ingin menjalani kehidupan yang saya rasakan sekarang: Allah berikan rumah yang nyaman untuk berteduh, pakaian yang berbeda setiap harinya, kesanggupan untuk sekolah lagi, dan aspek lain yang sering betul lupa saya syukuri.

Menjadi pribadi yang selalu bersyukur tidak harus menjadi sok perfect. Seakan hidup tak ada masalah dan tak ada kurangnya. Kekurangan dan masalah yang hadir di sekitar kita, menurut saya, adalah poin yang menandakan bahwa kita manusia. It is simply how we manage them elegantly. Bukan dengan sok seolah-olah perfect, because there must be always flaws in every body’s life. Hidupnya Mario Teguh sekalipun hehe ;p

Bicara tentang syukur, belakangan tulisan di blog ini yang paling sering diakses adalah tulisan ini nih: Perbedaan Ucapan Alhamdulillah. Hayuk lah ikut meramaikan :D

Indah ya Islam itu. Dalam keadaan apapun, kita dianjurkan untuk selalu bersyukur. Dan setiap syukur yang kita ucapkan, ada pahala yang menanti. Belum lagi janji Allah sebagaimana tertera dalam QS Ibrahim ayat 7: Dan (ingatlah juga), tatkala Tuhanmu memaklumkan; “Sesungguhnya jika kamu bersyukur, pasti Kami akan menambah (nikmat) kepadamu, dan jika kamu mengingkari (nikmat-Ku), maka sesungguhnya azab-Ku sangat pedih”.

Alhamdulillahilladzi bini’matihi tatimusshaalihat :)

Points to be noted


After observing some seminars of my seniors and friends, and listening to one of the examiners’ suggestions in the seminar for the proposed research design, here I recap some stuffs that can be taken into account and considered covering the points in the research proposal:

1. Background: provide the uniqueness of the research and how our research fill in the gap of the previous researches. It can be explored from: methodology/approach we use in our research, the depth of the analysis of our research, the data triangulation of our research compared to other researches.

2. Research problem should be specific and scientific. It’s recommended to do a pre-research and present the problem appears so it’s scientific.

3. Literature review, the contents and the title of every section can be developed from our own understanding after reviewing the literatures we have read. Note this: do not be too general yet avoid being too specific. You choose the topic, then you should know what to present in literature review.

5. Research method: convey the strengths and the weaknesses of the method we use, then back up with the arguments of why our research is appropriate for using the method. However, some other lecturers argue this notion. Weaknesses should not be included in the proposal, explore more on the strengths. It’s your call, then. My suggestion: go on with your supervisor’s advice, then elaborate on the seminar if the examiners ask you to do.

Good luck with the proposal :)

Entry Eleven: Final Entry (or not)


As I mentioned in my Google+ account, till the 10th entry, I let myself writing the project without updating any entries after I completely finish it. And yeay, I finally finish it :D

No need to tell how much constraints I faced after the tenth entries. Still a lot of distractors, which you know, I create myself. Always hahahahaha *pokerface* That’s why when I finally made it, wow I feel so relieved although I clearly know that it is not the end of this project. I am still gonna go through the rest of the process: consultation, having my paper revised, bibliography and references cross-check, administration and other bureaucracy, and final exam. I really hope whole process won’t take too long time. I devote my time fully for this project, till I am inaugurated.

Related to my writing, frankly I already have description of where and what kind of flaws in my paper that absolutely will be crossed with a big X by my supervisors. That’s because, I think I really wrote without considering that anybody gonna read it in detail, although I surely know both of my supervisors will really truly undoubtedly read it very detail till the dot I put on every paragraph. It will still be revised, anyway. So, why bother? :p

So, okay, now I am ready to face the next steps. I am ready and for sure gonna miss this moment so much.

Happy birthday, Radio Volare!

William Barclay once said, “There are 2 great days in a person’s life, the day we’re born and the day we discover why”, and today I discover that Volare 103.4 FM has been giving me and a lot of people very exquisite moments to remember. Keep inspiring, and always be the only radio station that makes the quality as the priority. Happy birthday Volare.

Entry Ten: Weblogs preserve our writing

Write like you dance

Today I’ve reached the emerging theme called: E-portfolio. In literature review, I did elaborate about about Weblogs as e-portfolio, so well, that’s what we should do when writing the theoretical foundation, no? It should be the guide in Chapter 4, anticipating the data that may come out for the project.

And I am really glad that all of the participants I interviewed show their positive attitude towards the use of Weblogs as the media to ‘preserve’ their writing. They mentioned that one of many ways to do it is by publishing their assignments to blog. Or at least, make use the blog as the media to practice their writing. By the time goes on, they will find out whether or not they make any advancement.

And that’s what I do now.

Years from today, I think I will laugh out loud reading what I am writing now, as I did when I read what I used to write and publish, till I decide to retract some of my full-of-shame-moments entries =p

Well, Weblogs are, in fact, giving us opportunity to track our writing. More than that, many people may have benefits from what we wrote. As I frequently tell you, we never know who might be inspired and motivated or at least informed after reading our postings. Or maybe, falling in love to you because your writing is just so enchanted. Who knows, rite?

If you’re interested to have more academic-taste elucidation about Weblogs as e-portfolio, you can read it here.

Entry Nine: Vacation Project has no days off


The calender says today is Chinese New Year so people are having one day off. Throwing back the past few days, I would have been skipping the project as I usually did on weekend.

No more. No more.

I am still writing. Inserting students’ blog screenshot. Continuing the analysis.

Sometimes in the middle of writing when I take my break *that I do very often*, I wish the project just get done itself. Oh day dream.

Then I recalled what my first supervisor told me and my friends, our own effort when doing this project will be very memorable. It will result a huge satisfaction when we do it ourselves. It will produce a long lasting.

And to make it so, I need to go on. No days off for this project until I finish it.