Movie that Best Describes My Life

I love watching movie, but I am not such a movie buff who goes to cinema in a regular basis to enjoy a movie. I watch movie in my leisure time, sometimes merely so I can sleep at night 😂 If that’s the case, it could be because the movie is boring. Until this very moment, I don’t really remember how many movies I have watched but I think it’s less than a hundred movies. 

Among the different genre of movies I have watched, my favorite one is animation movie. Like a kid, well I know. I am always amazed by the skill of the animators such as animators of Pixar, Illumination Entertainment, Les Copaque, Paramount, Universal, Walt Disney, and many others. They can always make every detail of the animation as if it was real! As a person who has zero skill in drawing, this really impresses me a lot. 

Other thing that I like about animation movie is because I can catch the pronunciation a lot better than non-animation movie. The voice of the dubbers is always sounded clear to me so while watching the movie, I can also improve my listening skill. Nothing better than acquiring language while having fun 😄

Coincidentally, the movie that I think best describes me is from the genre of animation. The title of the movie is “Inside Out”. Have you watched the movie? I suggest you to watch it at least once. I myself have watched “Inside Out”for about 5 times. So many times, yes 😂 Because once in a while, I devote one last meeting of my class to watch this movie with my students at American Corner Untan. 

Why do I think this movie represents my life? Because the story line of “Inside Out”is about how 5 different emotions in our mind (which is called ‘headquarter’ in this movie) take an important role to build our characters. The 5 emotions are: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. I feel like I’m having them all, and having 2 of them dominate my life: Joy and Disgust, and sometimes Sadness 🙈 I am a sanguine-melancholic woman. Joy, the side of always-happy, really describes me perfectly. As well as Sadness that is usually a lil bit naughty touching “the happy memory” and turns it into sadness. 

When “Joy” and “Disgust” dominated me

This is actually embarrassing to share but let me reveal it to you, the very first time I watched this movie, I cried 😭 Weird, huh? How could you cry for an animation movie 😂 Maybe because of I watched it with all the “baper” I had haha. 

Simply, the core of the movie is: it’s okay to let out our sadness, it’s okay to not always be okay, it’s just fine to burst out our emotion in the proper place and situation. We need those basic emotions given by Allah the Almighty to balance our life. 

I really recommend you to watch this movie. There are a lot of things to learn from this fun and entertaining movie. One of the moral value I can learn is: when somebody is getting angry, it might be the Anger is taking over the control of the headquarter. Try to tolerate so we won’t let the anger take over our headquarter too. 

Happy watching! 

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