Everywhere I go, I always bring… 

Do not be so surprised when noticing that this post is published at the time when I might be doing other activities. Sometimes I schedule my post so it can still be posted when I am, for example, teaching. Plus, my WordPress post is linked to some of my social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and tumblr. So when it’s posted, not necessarily I log in to my account. 

Like this post, for example. I am writing this post on Sunday morning, and I schedule it to be published on Monday, September 26, 2016 at 11.41am.Well, bloggers must have known this information and I believe they also have scheduled a lot of writings for their blogs. I wish I could do the same to other social media accounts while I am on the go 😄

Soo, today’s posting will be about things that I have to bring everywhere I go. I guess this is just too obvious, almost all people will always bring these two things: smartphone and wallet. For sure, yeah me too. What are we without those things nowadays hahaha. 

Actually, smartphone and wallet are not the very first package I have to bring. The truth is: I have to bring a bag to bring them! I’m right, no? 😁
A bag, whether it’s a sling bag, a clutch, or a backpack, should be put in my first list of two-things-I-have-to-bring-everywhere-I-go. Because without the bag, I have this kind of peculiar sensation crawling around my body *what an exaggeration 😜*. I am not used to go anywhere without having my bag on my shoulder(s). Even if I have to bring an empty bag, I will still keep the bag on my top list things-to-bring. 

The second is, well yes, the obvious and most common package: phone + wallet. I think I have the same reason as yours. The phone today is just like our hands. We seem to be paralyzed without smartphone. As well as the wallet, where we put many important things inside.

I still have one other thing to bring everywhere I go, it’s a marker or a spidol or a pen. Just in case I need to write, I already bring one. However, I always bring a pen or a marker, but not always bring a note 😂 Sometimes I will be busy finding or requesting paper from other people so I can write things. If I can’t find any paper, there you go smartphone. That’s why it’s called “smartphone”, because it can function as many things including making notes 😆

And, what’s yours? 😉

8 thoughts on “Everywhere I go, I always bring… 

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