Bali and Its Beauty

If you take a vacation or do traveling, will you choose traveling solo, or traveling with a group of people? Personally, I’m okay with both. I can enjoy being solo traveler (or for my case is actually not really ‘solo’ per se, because I love doing traveling more with my husband, so it’s a duet traveling haha 😜), and I also love traveling in group, with tour and travel agency.

Among the travels that I have done, I think I’ll choose to share my latest traveling experience: A Vacation to Bali.

I really wanted to visit Bali. So when I found out that American Corner Untan squads planned to go to Bali this year, I decided to join. Along with my husband. Last year, we (I + other Amcor Untan squads) visited Thailand. I didn’t bring my husband at that time, so I don’t wanna feel sorry twice 😁

We went to Bali on July this year. We visited some tourism spots in Bali. All of them are wonderful! But there was one place that not every travel agency has access to go inside. It’s Green School. We can visit Green School because there is one of Amcor ex-volunteers, his name is Rustam, who is now teaching there. Rustam guided us to take a tour of Green School.

Green School is really cool. Unlike mainstream schools in Indonesia, this school gives chance to the students who are mostly foreigners, to interact directly with nature, to explore their passion within nature, this school has their own curriculum. We were really amazed by the advancement of the school.

I wish we had more time to explore Green School. Unfortunately, our time was limited. We had to check in to our hotel room and had our dinner.

The next day, we visited the beaches of Bali like Kuta, Pandawa, Jimbaran, Tanjung Benoa, DMZ or the 3D Museum, and the well-known Tanah Lot. We also stopped by the souvenir stores. My husband favorite one was Kaos Joger Bali, because he also has similar business at home, T-shirt producing πŸ˜„

We were also trying canoeing at Pandawa Beach.

But our most favorite one was having dinner by the beach, over the sunset β€πŸŒ…

If you plan to visit Bali later in the future, there are some tips for you based on my short experience.

1. Personally, I prefer to go to Bali with travel agency. But if you wanna go as a backpack traveler, make sure you have had your itinerary, including where to find halal food and accessible place to do prayer, if you are a Moslem. You don’t wanna waste your time by too busy finding the places on Google Map, do you? Therefore, plan all stufss in advance.

2. If you visit souvenir store, after you pay your stuffs, there will be people offering voucher to have photo session with Bali traditional costume. My advice: do not take it. I think it wasn’t really worth 😁

3. Always have your camera or your camera phone stand by and full of battery. Have every moment captured appropriately. But don’t over-selfie πŸ˜‚ Remember, you also need to enjoy the moment. Do not ruin your vacation moment by taking too many selfies 🀳

4. Budget your money for souvenirs, and most importantly, ‘budget’ the place to put the souvenirs you buy, too. We only have 2 hands. I’m sure you don’t want your hands to be too occupied when you’re going home town.

Last but not least, take care of yourself. Your safety, your health, your sanity 😁

Well, that’s all my latest and one of my favorite traveling experience. I hope you’ll find it useful 😊

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