Bang Aci, a skillful entrepreneur

His complete name is Abang Priana Ashri. People usually call him Bang Aci. I have been knowing him since 2007, as a man who have capability in designing by using computer software called Photoshop and Corel Draw. Never ever crossed to my mind at that time that the man would win my heart, and become my husband *whistle blowing cuiwiiwiit hahaa*.


Frankly writing, his skill in Photoshop and Corel Draw is one of the reasons I keep falling in love with this man everyday. Personally, I really want to have this skill, and really appreciate every person with this skill. I think, mastering Photoshop and Corel Draw is very useful, especially in this so-called digital era.

It turns out that Bang Aci does not only have designing skill, but also entrepreneur soul. Well, no wonder, because he was an economics student. For this, I choose him to be my source of information in order to fulfill my writing assignment for this week. I interviewed him in such a very cozy situation *of course, we are husband and wife huahaha*, and I also had the chance to video-recorded a piece of our interview session. You can watch the video on my YouTube Channel!

There were some questions I asked to him, and I will just write it for you below. Check it out!

Dini (D): How long have you been mastering Photoshop and Corel Draw?

Bang Aci (BA): Hmm, I think I have been mastering it for about 15 years.

D: Wow, such a long time! For these past 15 years, how many designs that you have created?

BA: I am losing count hahaha. I think it reaches thousand designs.

D: Do you decide any rate for each design that you make?

BA: It depends. If it is for social and dakwah activity, I will make it for free. If it is for commercial or business, I decide the price.

D: What are the challenges of designing?

BA: Sometimes, it’s hard to find out what the clients really want. People have different taste of art. What makes it harder is when they (the clients) do not decide the clear concept of what kind of design they want, so well, that’s the challenge. Another challenge is, I do not always have the mood to design. The inspiration to mix and match colors and picture is coming in and out. So, once I get the inspiration, I really hope nothing will distract me because designing needs full concentration.

D: So far, what are the benefits do you get from having this skill?

BA: With this skill, we can have money, for sure. We can also help other people. I myself have managed at least 2 different self-business from this, Printing and T-Shirt production.

D: Cool. Can you give any tips for those who want to master Photoshop and Corel Draw?

BA: For all kinds of skill in this world, the best way to master it is by practice it. The more you practice, the more you can. Practice makes perfect, right?

Well, those are our very non-formal interview. Less or more like that. In this post, I would also like to show you some designs that Bang Aci has made. Here they are.

Mostly made for me hihi. Well, just like Bang Aci said, he lost count, so I think I also can’t show them all in this post.

Thank you for reading. I hope our interview inspires you!

My Skills are My Mood Booster 

This week topic for blog writing is about Skill(s). What is actually “a skill”? I define “skill” as people’s flair which can contribute a value to themselves as well as to other people. The contribution to the people themselves can be in form of material and/or immaterial. But the best skill, I presume, should be one that can enhance the quality of the people themselves, in any aspect of their life.

I was kind of confused to mention what actually my skill is. Is it public speaking because I am a radio announcer and a teacher, or can I categorize “English” as one skill simply because I teach it? But I can also sing, and some people say that my voice when singing was good enough, proven by some trophies I brought home back in the old time. In addition, I think I’m also quite good in writing. Maybe not in academic writing, but at least I get paid for being a website content writer until now. Plus, I just got promoted to be the News Editor at the radio station I work for, which requires writing skill, yes? Well then, so I guess those are my skills: public speaking plus English language capability, singing, and writing. 

What have I done with those skills? So many. I’ve been a broadcaster since March 2004, and from being a broadcaster, some event organizers (mostly academic events) trusted me to be their Master of Ceremony. Do I get money from it? Sure I do. Not only money, I also expand my networking. 

While with writing, besides having money, self-pleasure is the priceless gift I have from writing. Sometimes I get my logic back after writing, especially when I write for myself. Most of the time I smile and become happy again after writing. My skills always boost my mood. 

English language in Indonesia, especially in Pontianak is so far still being learned as a foreign language, so to master this language has become a plus value for me. Out there, in Pontianak, maybe you’ll find many people with public speaking and writing skill, also people who can speak and write in English well. But I believe, the number of people who can do those things (public speaking, mastering English language, writing) at a time is still limited. Well, I am Limited Edition 😁😄🤗

Somehow, I am not saying that I master those skills perfectly. I am still learning while doing them. Learning is a never ending process so I will not stop learning and enhancing my skills. 

Even I think I will also learn other skills like sewing (so at least I can have my own gown without having to go to tailors), photoshop and corel draw, photography, videography, journalism, martial arts, and cooking. I want and I will learn them, Insya Allah. Just wait for my next writing when I will post about the stuffs I will make with those new skills, okay 😁😃