Why I Continue My Study

I believe that our motivation to continue (or not to continue) our study to university level must be various and has its own uniqueness. So did mine. 

Few years ago, I wrote about this in a posting entitled “Halo, Motivasi!“. I re-read it, and suddenly appeared one mysterious motivation inside me to continue study to S3 level 😂😭 Noo waay, I’m not sure I’m ready hahaha. 

Anyway, what were actually my real intentions to continue my study to postgraduate level? Isn’t it enough, even more than enough to have S.Pd behind my name? 

Well, it turns out that it’s not about having the degree. It’s about my huge eagerness to learn. For me, learning something has no ending. Including learning English, or for my case is English language education. I always want to learn. I declare myself as a lifetime learner. We all are lifetime learners, aren’t we? 

Never ever crossed to my mind before I finally deciding to continue my study that I would move to Pontianak and become a lecturer at Untan. Moreover, I am not a civil servant. I did not work for any institution. I had no affiliation to any academic institutions at all at the time I decided to continue my study. And for your information, I continued my study with no scholarship from anyone but from my husband. My husband was the one who paid everything, starting from the study fee, the costs for books, all in. And I’m really glad of it because it means, I don’t “owe” myself to anyone but my husband 😁😁😁😁

So then, why did I really want to continue my study to postgraduate level? At that time, in 2003, I really missed the “aha + brilliant moment”, when an idea for doing assignments from lecturers came to mind. I also did miss “relieved and relaxed moment”, when the assignments were finally done and submitted to the lecturers no matter what my score would be 😁😂. I missed the learning atmosphere. I missed hanging out with my classmates when having the class break. Somehow, those stuffs I mentioned above actually can still be realized in the workplace, although of course the sense is different.

Now that I am already in the workplace, I really feel the advantage of having those formal education. Not about money or position, but about mindset and knowledge. I know that we can always upgrade ourselves through any kind of life stages we experience, but I believe, formal education always offers us something that we might not find outside the classroom door 😃

Mereka bilang, Bahagia itu Sederhana


Read what Marilyn Monroe said

“You look happy, or are you always happy?” I am (still) glad that somebody asked me the question. It was asked on the day of my thesis exam, by my thesis + academic supervisor.

I don’t know how exactly I looked when the examiners began to ask me some questions and give me suggestions for the improvement of my thesis. But I do still remember that I felt nervous on the beginning, but started to feel relax when the first examiner, Pak Ardi Marwan who is one my favorite lecturers, asked about my TOEFL score then suggested me to send my paper to be published in international journal. I feel so honoured that he trusts me, although actually I still think that I haven’t been there yet. Not even close.

Anyway, his ‘on-the-spot’ motivation really boosted my mood which had been really good because of the presence of my husband. So I think maybe I did not only become more relax along my thesis defense, but also looked so happy. So happy, so that my academic advisor uttered the question 😀

Happiness, regardless what might be its trigger, is basically a choice. Classic but true that people say happiness is actually simple. We simply need to create its cause! And don’t you think we have too many reasons to feel happy? Why waiting for certain big moments to be happy? And that’s what I’m trying to rebuild. As a human being, having problem(s) in this temporary life is sunnatullah. We won’t be able to get away from it. That’s what makes our life meaningful, no?

So what I’m trying to say is, being happy doesn’t equal to having no problem at all, yet having problems shouldn’t make us avoid the reasons to choose happy. Or in this sense, to be grateful. And being really happy, in my opinion, will impact on the image to (always) look happy. Even unfortunately sometimes it also impacts on the weight of certain women, or a woman, called me, which making me look big *an unfair justification* :p

Every single time I write and publish things to my blog, I always hope what I share will enliven your mood, turn you to be (more) happy, or at least bring smile to your face 🙂

Let’s be happy :*

Vacation Project: When I was surrounded by the people I love


With the super husband

Alhamdulillaah. Alhamdulillaahirabbil’alamiin. I feel super happy today for I finally did the examination of my vacation project. Alhamdulillaah that it went very well. All of the examiners attended. Plus, my husband devotes his time to come supporting me directly. I find no words to describe this bliss.


With the examiners

I feel very content for the result of my thesis examination. It just beyond my expectation. I really think that this isn’t because of I deserve the score. But more because Allah granted my parents, husband, and friends’ wishes for me :’)


With 'teman sebangku'

Additional event that boosted my happiness is my close friend, Ara, had her seminar of research proposal today. So, in the morning I had my thesis exam, and in the afternoon she did her seminar. We went home together, sharing our relief on the way home, aah everything is just indescribable.


With some friends of S2 Vacation


Just did the exam 😀

Now I am counting down the days for the inauguration day while finishing the revision of my thesis and the journal.

Again. I thank to all people who never stop supporting me whom I can’t list one by one. Thank you so much for your ideas, inspiration, motivation, the time, thanks for everything. I believe this is not the end of my journey to pursue my passion, and I hope they can keep supporting me for my next steps which I don’t know how and when, but I believe I will. Yes, I know I will 🙂

Entry Eight: A Bunch of Motivation


Keep writing before it stops snowing

I feel so elated today.

I got one more reference for my online observation notes. I recognize that the language style that I always use since the very first time I started blogging is called netspeak, or textspeak.

My unofficial supersivor told me that it was also conformed to text-based language. Non academic writing. For example, “That’s what I told u”. The use of that’s and u indicates that the language style is netspeak, generally used in text messages and other online communication to simplify the real words without losing its meaning.

Also, netspeak is like when we are having conversation instead of writing. Well, that’s somewhat how I feel when I write in blog. Some people call it as blogging language, though. The purpose is to make the audience comfortable when reading the entries. Do you feel like now I am talking to you when you read this? I do :p

Another reason of my ecstatic feeling today is the picture above: Keep writing because we are waiting *snowman, and snowflake* 😀

In this so-many-self-distractors condition, all I need is actually simply a bunch of motivation. From inside and outside of me. So, thank you to contribute upholding my motivation.

Entry Seven: Never Ending Writing


Self-enticement to delay, till the 17th day of this month which should have been Entry Seventeen of this project, is still the major factor of why ten days have been wasted for nothing. I really thank Allah that I have two great supervisors who never stop insisting me to finish this project. And now this sentence is starting to sound like ‘Acknowledgement’ section of a paper 😆

Today, I pull myself to continue writing. So far I’ve written about 1,000 words of 13,374. I don’t know whether or not this kinda project has minimum or maximum words, but I reckon what I am doing today hasn’t my best yet. Then I took a break a while, checking my phones that remain silent *because I set them so*, and one SMS was unread in my primary number. I thought it must be from the cell-operator that frequently send messages to the customers. Surprisingly, it wasn’t them. It was one of my supervisors, asking whether or not I have finished writing the thesis. It wasn’t his first SMS asking the question. And I feel like a student who procrastinate the project for years for receiving that kinda question at that time 😥 Feeling sooo guilty *again and again*

Today I really feel grateful to have the SMS. It opened my eyes and got me up, and made me aware that this vacation project denies all the delays. This project deserves to be paid myriad attention from me. I cannot have reason to keep the lazy bones growing in me. This project does have DEADLINE, and I have to make it on time!

I have 24 hours a day. And I think I am to make the half of it to accomplish the project. What about yours?