My friends are the family I choose for myself

Ali bin Abi Thalib once mentioned that: “Manusia yang paling lemah adalah manusia yang tidak mampu mencari teman. Dan yang lebih lemah lagi adalah yang menyia-nyiakan orang yang telah menjadi temannya”.

The weakest person is the one who can’t make friend(s). Even weaker person than the weakest one is he who has neglected his friends.

As a woman who has difficulty to trust people, I feel very glad and grateful to have good, close, and best friends in my life.

I’ve experienced a number of on-and-off friendships since I was in primary school until the moment I’m writing this post. By “on-and-off” I mean, I no longer share (and/or have the willingness to share) my personal life to them. Or interchangeably share stories with them. Hence, one of my definitions of FRIENDSHIP is when I and that person share personal stories to each other. Another clue that somebody is having friendship with me is: our smartphone means nothing when we are hanging out together, unless for taking pictures.

So far, I have those so-called good/best and/or close friends involved in my life. There are at least 10 people. 7 of them are these inspiring and productive women that are bound in a group called “Gaby Corporation” 😁

How do I know them?

We’re friends at campus.

How we can end up being good friends?

From my perspective, we become good friends until now because we have similar background, especially back when we were at campus. At that time, I and other Gaby Corporation members were not only students, but also playing role as part-time workers, and active on organization. Most of us worked as teachers, there’s also who worked in a company. But the main reason is I think because we have the friendship chemistry.

What things I like and I don’t like about them?

I like so many things about Gaby Corporation members. I like the fact that all of them are people with high achievements. I was about to write their achievements one by one but I think I’ll let you find out by googling it 😁. Besides, I also like that they are very patient to have such a weird and annoying friend like me. Thanks, Gabs!

Thing(s) that I don’t like about them? Sure I have. I don’t like when we plan to hang out, and then some of us are busy then we must cancel the meeting. Most of the time, the one who cancel it is ME πŸ€¦πŸ˜‚. Somehow, we understand that the older we are, the more we’ll have time to hang out. Unlike when we were still at campus, hanging out is like an everyday activity because we met every day.

My Expectations for Gaby Corporation

I hope we can go abroad together, along with our family. I think it will be super fun. Although I know it will not be easy to realize considering our hectic activities πŸ˜‚

Anyway, beyond that, I hope our friendship will last forever. Not only in the world, but also later till heaven. Insya Allah 😊

That’s all about me and my friends. I actually still have 3 other good/close/best friends to share on this post. But I have ever written about 2 of them on my other postings on this blog 😁

Well, it always takes forever to talk or write about friendship. Because for me, friends are the family I choose for myself.

How about you? How many best friends do you have?

2 thoughts on “My friends are the family I choose for myself

  1. I found out about Gaby years ago in one of your blog posts, when — if I’m not mistaken — you graduated from FKIP. Really amazed me how you befriend — as you mentioned — people with high achievements, not only academically, but also professionally after you all graduated. Pontianak must know about this ‘gang’ so they can see what we call GOOD examples πŸ‘ Barakallah always to you and your best friends, Dini.


    1. Aww it’s such an honor to have you notice our “gank” kk 😁❀ Aamiin kak, I hope I deserve the “high achievements” predicate with a real achievement I’ll achieve one day as the rest of my friends have done 😊


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