Eat and Be Happy

Who loves eating and wants to always stay slim? Women. Well, maybe not all women. But most women will say yes to this. I am among those women too 😁 Feeling stressed out? I will eat. Feeling happy? Absolutely I will eat. Feeling hungry? Of course eating is the best remedy πŸ˜‹

Sometimes I eat not because I feel hungry. Usually because I only wanna try a menu on a new cafΓ©, or simply because I just wanna hang out with my best friend(s). While eating on a fancy cafΓ©, I usually find the meals or beverages served as an interesting and very tempting object to be captured. So I also love taking pictures of the food I eat. Something that most Asian (or specifically, Indonesian “jaman now”) people will do. Therefore, I created an Instagram account to accomodate my eagerness of taking random-and-not-artistic-at-all-foodography: @dinimakan πŸ“ΈπŸ˜.

I do not provide any review for every food or drink posted on that instagram account, because initially, I created the account merely to post the pictures of food that I eat. But some of my followers suggested me to share more information about the place and price of the food or beverage I share on Instagram. Well, I think it will be more useful for my @dinimakan instagram followers to at least have an information on the price and place. But for the taste of the food, I prefer to not write it on the caption, unless somebody asks on the comment section, or unless I really like the food.

To tell you the truth, I am not confident enough to do so, because I am very far from expert especially about food tasting πŸ˜…. Additionally, people have their very own taste, right? So up until now, I choose to not provide any specific food or beverage recommendation on the caption for my @dinimakan Instagram account.

Somehow, very special for this post, I will try to assemble my confidence to do a brief food review 😁 Which menu is lucky enough to be reviewed by me? Taraaaa… here is the snack:

What kind of food is that?

Let me introduce you to Mapisa, which stands for Martabak Pisang (Thailand).

Martabak is one of Indonesian delicacies. It’s a fried flatbread for the salty one, or a baked thickbread for the sweet one. It’s usually stuffed with filling like peanuts, srikaya jam, beef, eggs, and many other kind of fillings. Usually, the fried flatbread is stuffed with egg, mixed with small slices of beef, onion, and green onion. What makes Mapisa different from the usual martabak is, instead of stuffed the folded flatbread with the salty meals, Mapisa, as the name, is stuffed with Pisang or banana 🍌. One thing that makes this snack even tastier and worth trying is the topping. We can choose different kind of taste as the martabak topping. My favorite one is Chocolate Almond topping as you can see in the picture above. Hmm yummy 🀀🀀🀀.

You can find this delicious snack on the booth at Full Time CafΓ© on Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim Pontianak. The price is affordable, around IDR 16k to IDR 21k. Unfortunately, it is only open from 4 to 9pm. So if you wanna try this snack early in the afternoon, you might need to wait a couple hours. If you do not feel like to go outside to buy it, you can always order it using Go-Food with your GoJek application. Wow, it sounds like I really recommend you to buy it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜„ Of course, I do.

Beside its delicious taste, the reason I pick this food over another food to be reviewed for this post is because one of the owners of Mapisa happens to be my close and good friend 😊. Helping a friend promoting the business and recommending a delicious snack for you to try are happiness for me πŸ€—.

So, will I reorder Mapisa in the future? For sure, I will. So far, I’ve tried it three times. And always with the choco almond topping 🍫🍫🍫.

Ok then. I think it’s time to end this review. Writing this post is making me wanna have more mapisa 🀀🀀🀀

2 thoughts on “Eat and Be Happy

  1. Hurray, Mapisa is being promoted. Anyway for the price range between IDR 11k to IDR 21K. Thank you Dini. I hope your students will be curious about Mapisa and order it.haha


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