A life full of bliss and blessing

If you plan to fail, you are planning to fail – Benjamin Franklin

I think I am one of the citizens on this earth that agree with the quote above. That planning is important; and that if we don’t plan, paradoxically, we are actually planning – but to fail. That’s why, I determine some goals, ambitions, and dreams to pursue.

I actually have written a piece of my dreams in this blog. But it was for a kind of long-term dream, and almost slightly too impossible to achieve 😂 Well, as I wrote and mentioned many times, to dream is free. So I guess, there’s no harm to dream as high as possible. It’s completely FREE!

I think right now I pursue no more in my life. I only seek for happiness, still having a feeling of gratitude, surrounding myself with positive vibes, and making myself useful for other people. So far, alhamdulillaah that Allah is blessing me with such an amazing life. I’ve reached my ambitions which I dreamt of since I was in junior high school: being a radio broadcaster and doing my dream job as an English language lecturer at Untan Pontianak. I enjoy these 2 jobs very much!

Anyway, for the current time, my ambition is having more skills. I think, the skills that I have now are not enough. I want to be able driving a car, although right now I haven’t had any car yet. Therefore, for the next 5 years, I must have a car and the ability to drive my own car. As a woman who loves traveling, being able to drive is a demand.

Another goal of my life is having a life that I don’t need a vacation from. It means, my life is the VACATION itself 😁 What’s on your mind when you listen the word “Vacation?”. Something fun and refreshing, yes? Yep! That’s the kind of life I am creating right now.

Well I think that’s all about dreams, goals, and ambitions of my life that I can share with you. I hope you don’t mind to also share yours. We never know maybe what we write is considered as a non-stop prayer and therefore it will be granted by Allah in the future 😇

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