About Me

I actually have introduced myself simply through “About Me” page on this blog, but well okay, because I promise to myself that I will also do the assignments that I assign to my students, then here it is, another version of self introduction, let’s say, Dini 2017 version 😁

My complete name is Dini Haiti Zulfany. I really like this name, not only because it was given by my dad and its meaning is so deep, but also because the name is unique. By “unique”, I mean, and I think, you will find no other people have the combination of that name. You may find other “Dini” outside there. You may also have friends whose name is “Zulfany”. Even “Haiti” is famous as a name of a country. But a woman with complete name “Dini Haiti Zulfany” is only me, so far 😎. You don’t believe it? Try googling it. The name only belongs to me yeaay πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

One of my hobbies that can turn my bad mood into a good one is WRITING. I love writing. I love to release my stress by revealing what I feel and what I think through writing. But not by randomly posting status on Facebook, no. When I feel sad, down, or get disappointed by certain cases, I usually write. When I write, the sadness within me mysteriously go away with the logic and the sanity I get back from writing. So basically, writing is how I calm down myself. So, when you find less writing I post on my blog, it could be because nothing disturbs my life hahaha what kind of hobby that need to be done when life is ruined πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Well, that’s why, I really like when the semester is starting, which means I also have to write for my blog with the topics I’ve decided.

Writing about writing, I think that was also one of the reasons why I continue my study to university level. As a woman who likes to write, university is a very good place to bridge my passion. I know I must write as many as possible when it comes to university. So there it was. I continued my study to Untan Pontianak at Teacher Training and Education Faculty, English language education study program, two times. The first one was for undergraduate degree (S1 level), and the second one was post graduate or masters study program (S2 level). For me, learning has no ending. Not continuing my study to doctorate degree or S3 level yet doesn’t mean that I stop studying. I still do, and I will always do.

The last point that I have to write for this “About Me” is my plan after finishing my study. Well, to tell you the truth, when finishing my S2 study, I didn’t have any intention to directly teaching at university. Instead, I plan to take a break and continue my life as a housewife. I was still living in Sekadau at that time. But Allah has better plans for me.

Long story short, I was offered to teach at American Corner Untan by Ibu Stella Prancisca who is now the Head of UPT Bahasa Untan. I grabbed the chance, I moved back to Pontianak, and I started teaching at Untan since 2015 until today, alhamdulillah.

So, that’s all About Me that I can reveal so far. I hope next year I will have another version of About Me to share 😊 So, what’s your stories?

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