I can’t imagine life without aeroplane 

Have you ever imagined if an airplane was never invented? Let’s have a minute and be thankful to God for He has created human beings with such an indigenous brain so today we can enjoy traveling fast and comfortably by an airplane ✈ 

I can’t imagine what if Abbas ibn Firnas had never tried to fly with his glider in 852. Rite, according to a source I read in Researchgate, Muslim Memo, Forgotten Islamic History via Kompas, it turns out that Wright Brothers were actually not the first human being who flew. Ibn Firnas was the one. Anyway, whoever first invented the airplane, let’s appreciate and respect them because their intelligence has contributed a lot to human beings until today! 

If I have to imagine, I guess life without aeroplane must be very chaos and complicated. As an individual, we wouldn’t be able to reach a destination with a long distance shortly. From economics side, many countries might encounter a crisis. Well a trade might be still happening, but it wouldn’t be as great and quick as today. Not to mention from the health side. Many people dying out there need an extra fast service for medicine and health care equipments. Everything would ruin. 

Without aeroplanes, there would be no quick goods delivery, no quick traveling, no quick and stable economy running in the countries, wow aeroplanes really take an important role in our life! 

Viva Aeroplanes!! ✈ ✈ ✈ 


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