My Skills are My Mood Booster 

This week topic for blog writing is about Skill(s). What is actually “a skill”? I define “skill” as people’s flair which can contribute a value to themselves as well as to other people. The contribution to the people themselves can be in form of material and/or immaterial. But the best skill, I presume, should be one that can enhance the quality of the people themselves, in any aspect of their life.

I was kind of confused to mention what actually my skill is. Is it public speaking because I am a radio announcer and a teacher, or can I categorize “English” as one skill simply because I teach it? But I can also sing, and some people say that my voice when singing was good enough, proven by some trophies I brought home back in the old time. In addition, I think I’m also quite good in writing. Maybe not in academic writing, but at least I get paid for being a website content writer until now. Plus, I just got promoted to be the News Editor at the radio station I work for, which requires writing skill, yes? Well then, so I guess those are my skills: public speaking plus English language capability, singing, and writing. 

What have I done with those skills? So many. I’ve been a broadcaster since March 2004, and from being a broadcaster, some event organizers (mostly academic events) trusted me to be their Master of Ceremony. Do I get money from it? Sure I do. Not only money, I also expand my networking. 

While with writing, besides having money, self-pleasure is the priceless gift I have from writing. Sometimes I get my logic back after writing, especially when I write for myself. Most of the time I smile and become happy again after writing. My skills always boost my mood. 

English language in Indonesia, especially in Pontianak is so far still being learned as a foreign language, so to master this language has become a plus value for me. Out there, in Pontianak, maybe you’ll find many people with public speaking and writing skill, also people who can speak and write in English well. But I believe, the number of people who can do those things (public speaking, mastering English language, writing) at a time is still limited. Well, I am Limited Edition 😁😄🤗

Somehow, I am not saying that I master those skills perfectly. I am still learning while doing them. Learning is a never ending process so I will not stop learning and enhancing my skills. 

Even I think I will also learn other skills like sewing (so at least I can have my own gown without having to go to tailors), photoshop and corel draw, photography, videography, journalism, martial arts, and cooking. I want and I will learn them, Insya Allah. Just wait for my next writing when I will post about the stuffs I will make with those new skills, okay 😁😃


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