A letter to past-and-future me

Have you ever had this kind of wish: “If I could turn back time, I would…. “? Not very often, but yes I have. For example, if only I knew my dad would leave me this soon, or if I had tried to do few things back in my senior high school and many other “IFS” swirling around in my mind. 

I know we’re not supposed to regret any stage of our life events which Allah has set perfectly. But I guess to sometimes contemplate things that have been through in our life doesn’t sound that bad, no? It’s true but we’re not supposed to regret the past, but to learn from it is inevitable. That’s why I’d like to write for the version of my past and my future as an embodiment of what I have learned. 


Dear me in the past, 

You should have tried a lot of things, as well as NOT done so many things. Giving up was a bad idea. Talking too much was (and still is) a bad idea. You should have been more selective. You shouldn’t have nursed your laziness to do exercise because the present me now feel the bad impact of it 🙈. You should have not made any decision with the emotion. That’s really not good for your own emotion. Anyway, dear me in the past, thank you so much for having been so stubborn for certain things. Otherwise you might be not smiling by the time this post is written. 

Hello the future me, the 10 years later me. If you’re still alive, read this. You might smile and smirk. 

Reflect from what you have learned from your past. You already know how it felt to give up. Try hard to be the calmer edition of yourself, and feel the impact. If you’re still not having what you dream to have, please stay grateful and have the positive thoughts as you always have. That’s the recipe of your 10-years-ago happiness. Also, the present me really hope you to nurture the relationship with the people who have been really good treating you, also to the people who have make you hurt. 

Last but not least, remember the words of Robert Brault, that Life is easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got. Because in the end, it’s not about you and them, it’s about you and Allah. 


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