Me, karaoke? Okey dokey. 

Few months ago when I joined a teacher training of Access Micro Scholarship Program in Depok, we (I and other training participants) were instructed to introduce each other randomly by exposing three of our best skills or talents instead of only telling our name and affiliation. Among those three talents, one of them must be a skill or talent that we actually do not have. The music was played, and then we danced around the room, and we the music was stopped, we had to introduce ourselves to the closest participant. The participant whom we talked to then guess which skills were real and which was not. 

I mentioned three skills: public speaking, singing, and playing musical instruments. I talked to three different participants. All of them guessed that the skill that I actually don’t have was SINGING. At that time, I felt like having this huge urge to sing in front of them just so they know that I used to win some singing competitions 😜😂

Well yes, I did! When I was in primary until senior high school, I joined singing competitions. As far as I remember, I experienced lose, but more often I won either it was the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. I inherited the gen of a so-called “really-love-to-sing-and-thank-god-our-voice-is-not-a-mess” family 😁😀 So when I sing and people start giving compliment to my voice, I don’t really wonder where it is from 😜 That’s why I love singing. Frankly, I myself also love listening to my very own voice 🙈 Sounds sooo narcistic, all right haha. Maybe that’s also why I end up being a radio broadcaster until now. Alhamdulillaah I am blessed with this ‘microphonic voice’. I am the best friend of microphone 🎤😄

Me plus microphone

Anyway, despite the fact that I love singing, these days I haven’t been to any karaoke bar/studio anymore. I think my moment to stop by to a karaoke bar has just gone. Moreover, I get my own media to bridge my hobby already ✌ So,  I still do singing sometimes 😀 And yes, I have some favorite songs to put on the list. 

Among thousands song sung by many singers, I prefer not-so-old but also not-really-update song to sing. Recently, I love singing All I Ask by Adele. Not because of the meaning behind the song, of course. I like singing that song because I feel that I can find my best vibe through the melody. I recorded my voice when singing the song, and if I were you, I think I would definitely download the recording illegally instead of buying it from iTunes if available 😜😸

Besides, I also choose songs sung by my favorite boyband that made me learn English until I become an English teacher, Westlife! Too bad they split. Well, at least the songs are still on the list. In addition to the Westlife songs, I also put song from Natasha Bedingfield entitled Unwritten to my karaoke song of choice. The reason? I guess the song represents me enough 😃 Oh, one more! I love to sing Everything from Michael Bublè too ❤

I also love singing the songs from local (Indonesia) singers or group like, say, Ten 2 Five – I Will Fly, Dewi Lestari – Malaikat Juga Tau, songs of Astrid, Dewa 19 as well as Padi (now Musikimia?). Although some songs that I choose to sing are obviously meaningless to me, but I still sing them. At this point of my life, to do karaoke is not necessarily to express my feeling anymore. It’s merely to fulfill my thirst for the talent  so it’s not bursting hahahahaha 😂😆😜 

To end this post, let me provide you with a quote from Pierre-Augustin Caron de:

Nowadays what isn’t worth saying is sung.

(Aujourd’hui ce qui ne vaut pas la peine d’être dit, on le chante.)


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