My Favorite Selfie

As I mentioned in my previous post, I instruct my students to create a blog as the media to publish their structured assignments. Besides posting the materials we discuss at class, I also have decided some topics for them to post. I posted the topics in my blogspot blog.

To make it fair, I opt to also do the topic writing. So, starting from today until the end of this semester, I will also write posts with at least 200 words for each post about the topics decided. Frankly, it is useful for me, too 😄

So, topic for week 1 was about the reason why choosing the current study major. I skipped the topic because I already made one as the sample. I put and share the writing with the downloadble link in my blogspot blog. It means now my turn to write topic 2: my favorite selfie and why. 

Me at Nong Noch Village Pattaya

Yep, the pic above is just one of favorite selfies I have. Do I like doing selfie? Not really. I only take selfie in certain occasion, not every day like majority of women today do. Well, a lot of people love taking picture of themselves, so no wonder many smartphone companies today compete to enhance the quality of their camera, especially the front camera with higher resolution to result a good selfie. If yesterday rarely we found handphone with high-res front camera, nowadays, we have a lot of options from variety of smartphone brands that build very high resolution camera for taking selfie. 

And the selfie I put in this post, I took it with my iPhone 5c. The resolution for the front camera is only 5megapixel. But I think it’s already good enough for a selfie 😁 You see the result? Sun bright like a diamond, no? Hahaha.

Well, it was because at that time, the sun did shine really bright. The weather was so HOT! But I love the place so much. Do you know where I took the selfie? True! It was when I visited Thailand on March this year. With my friends from American Corner Untan, I went to Nong Noch Village in Pattaya, Thailand. At the very first time I saw the beautiful garden with many colorful flowers, I already intended to capture the moment into at least one selfie. And there I was, having a selfie in the garden ❤

Actually at that time, I really still wanted to go around the garden and take more pictures of the beautiful garden. Unfortunately, we (I and other people who joined the tour&travel agent) had to visit other places in Thailand. So long, Nong Noch Village Pattaya. Insya Allah one day I will go there again, with my husband 😀

Do you have any favorite selfie? Come on, share yours in your blog or social media once in a lifetime. Don’t be embarrassed, sharing a selfie pic might be a good way to build your confidence and let yourself open 😁


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