Students, create a blog! 

New semester at the university has started, and I am also starting to execute some new plans which I haven’t executed before in my teaching history like giving instruction to my students for this semester to have their own blog.

I read in some journals that a few researchers stated that blog for education is considered “so yesterday” thing to do. Also it has some points of proven disadvantages, particularly for ELT. But question appeared: Where is this stance valid? 
As my previous research for my so-called vacation project was about blog writing, the idea to have each of my students had a blog will be in line with the part of my chapter five of the thesis. Hence, this semester, I instruct my students to create a blog and post their writings as the structured assignment. 

Execution of this idea is based from what I learn from the previous semester, where the structured assignment score was taken from their weekly portfolio from what they have got along the teaching learning process at the classroom, submitting the assignments in a bunch of papers, and I was getting so much dizzy. Hundreds of students with thousand papers. So many kilograms. Really not “Go Green”. Then I think, a blog will be very handful for me. One student one blog. 

I realized from the beginning of designing this idea that it will be time consuming. Reading hundreds blogs, with the students writing that…. well I can imagine how good and how bad the quality of their writing later 😂, but at least, I guarantee that I will not throw their assignments away into the trash bin. It will last for a long time in Internet as long as they don’t delete their blog. Go green, yes? 

Anyway, interesting facts appeared at the very first week of the meeting. I still find a student, in this very year, at this very all digital era, who still has no email! Is he inspired by the story of the successful entrepreneur who sold tomatoes because being rejected by a company for not having an email? Could be. One other fact so far is there are also a few students who got no idea how to create a blog, and consult to me (via LINE) instead of googling by themselves, or ask their friends. I was in the middle of wanting to laugh and trying hard not to cry for knowing this fact. So sad but real. 

Having my students have a blog seem like forcing some of them to do something that they might not reay like to do. I also realize this point. But I believe, people all over the world also know that English language has 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. So blogging is my way to insist them producing a good writing. Eventually, they will still have to write for their paper. Even though writing in blog is considered less academic based on some researches even my own one, but getting them used to writing via blog is not a bad idea anyway, I guess. 

Let’s see what happens next. I can’t wait to read their writings 😇


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