Women, when everything matters


Women are way more complex and complicated than men. At least, that’s what I can infer from today’s sharing and from an on-going observation that has happened for few years. The data of observation derived from what I have been read in an online forum, listening to some friends’ stories of their life, also the reality I find surround me.

We, women, tend to express our feelings, show what we have, share our pride, till come to the point which sometimes we never realize that it turns out as a ‘competition’. For example when women get married, that’s not the end of a happy life. How’s the husband treat you, have you got pregnant directly after married, where you live, how’s your in-law treat you, that becomes matter when you discuss it with most of women. Also not end of a happy life yet. You now have kid(s).

It matters what you feed them. It matters whether you choose to give them vaccines or not. It matters how you gave birth: normal or caesar? It matters how your parenting style is. It matters whether your kid(s)’ growth is ideal as how kids should grow although all moms realize that every single kid has different stage of ability.

You have a son already. Well now it matters when you will have daughter. You have daughter, now it matters whether you work or stay home being a housewife. Moreover when you got your degree. You need to be strong to tackle people’s comment when you’re choosing to stay home but you got madter degree.

You have both now, son and daughter. Does it end of story? Not yet, of course! We, women make it’s an important thing to notice on where the kids should have their education. Is it at school? Which school? Does the school have good prestige and sufficient background for children? Or is it homeschooling? Why homeschooling? How the kids would socialize? Everything becomes matter. Some of us might deny that, “No that’s not I or we compete. We just share our way”. Well yeah, that’s us. We have too high prestige to admit that we also sometimes judge and secretly put some doubts towards other women’s strategy in managing their life.

See? Even now I am really judgemental judging us, women, to be that way hahaha. Some, or maybe most of us don’t do that. Or vice versa, most of us do that. Anyway, if we, women, live our life to fulfill other people’s satisfactory that they even won’t get any impact directly to their own life, I believe it will be really rare to find a moment of peace within our days. We know that, right? And we still don’t care, and we still wanna prove people that what we do is the right one hahaha.

Now men, you may thank me because I have revealed transparently some secrets about women. Yes, you’re very welcome 😁✌

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