Pontianak Menyapa Dunia


It’s October 23! I devote my time to write this post special to commemorate the 244th anniversary of my beloved hometown, Pontianak. Happy 244th Anniversary Pontianak!

Why do I write this post in English? Because I expect broader audience so I can introduce to people outside there who do not speak Bahasa Indonesia, to let them know that Indonesia is not only Bali, Jakarta, or Java. Indonesia also has Pontianak. And they deserve to know this. Through this post, I also intend to invite my friends to together acquaint and promote Pontianak through some fun ways based on our own passion and interest.

You know, there are several media we can use to make Pontianak noticeably famous, or at least recognized globally.

1. Through sport events.

Well I personally do not really understand how the sport in Pontianak goes. But once I read an article that Pontianak conducted some sport events that attract people’s attention, particularly the tourists to visit Pontianak. Pontianak *or broader, West Kalimantan* athletes or you who love sport, can also promote Pontianak through your achievements in your sport skill. Going abroad and being Pontianak even Indonesia representative can be a very good way to let them know about this beloved city.

2. Through writing.

Writing can be the academic or non academic ones. For the academic writing, I have some lecturers who have published their academic writing to some international journals, and I believe that they must be introduced as the writers from Pontianak, Indonesia. Pride! While for non academic writing, we also have some great local writers. Writing novel, books, or blog like I do! I know that what I am doing now can not be ideally defined as writing to promote Pontianak to people around the world since I do realize that my blog hasn’t been that famous to notice haha. Anyway, I am trying.

3. Through social media.

This is the easiest and the most fun way, I think. It’s only on the tip of our finger and we do this almost everyday. And I have seen many of my friends do this. They proudly shared about Pontianak, the events, things like the project they do to celebrate the anniversary, and other many fun ways that worth-social media-sharing. Using hashtag like #IndonesiaBukanHanyaJawa (Indonesia is not only Java) to catch people’s attention that we’re here in Pontianak still the part of Indonesia. Have you promoted Pontianak through your social media accounts?

4. Through Trading.

We’re now in the era called AFTA. Asean Free Trade Association. And trading is one good way to promote our local product, no? We have good agricultural products, handmade things, competitive goods and services that I believe are also great to promote our city.

5. Through Food.

Who doesn’t like food? Almost no one! I think culinary is the best way to promote Pontianak and West Kalimantan. We have a lot of special local food to offer. Asam pedas, chai kue, bubur padas, aloe vera, pacri nanas, oh come on don’t force me to mention it more, I am hungry enough writing this post :p

6. Through culture

This is also very interesting. As foreigners, I believe you will love this a lot because this one is the thing you can’t find in your country. If the food is maybe not really suit your taste, then some of our traditional cultures might be able to attract your attention. We have zapin dance, dayak dance with its various stories behind the dance, saprahan, and so many others.

7. Through some tourism places.

What does Pontianak have? We have a lot! Equator monument, rumah radakng, aloe vera center, alun-alun kapuas or waterfront city, and of course the longest river in Indonesia, Kapuas river. Although I do realize that some of the places are still in need of more expert ‘touching’ to make it more splendid, but at least those places are still worthy to visit 😉

Do you have any other ways to promote Pontianak? Come on, share here in the comment box 😀

Happy 244th anniversary, Pontianak!

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