Mereka bilang, Bahagia itu Sederhana

Read what Marilyn Monroe said

“You look happy, or are you always happy?” I am (still) glad that somebody asked me the question. It was asked on the day of my thesis exam, by my thesis + academic supervisor.

I don’t know how exactly I looked when the examiners began to ask me some questions and give me suggestions for the improvement of my thesis. But I do still remember that I felt nervous on the beginning, but started to feel relax when the first examiner, Pak Ardi Marwan who is one my favorite lecturers, asked about my TOEFL score then suggested me to send my paper to be published in international journal. I feel so honoured that he trusts me, although actually I still think that I haven’t been there yet. Not even close.

Anyway, his ‘on-the-spot’ motivation really boosted my mood which had been really good because of the presence of my husband. So I think maybe I did not only become more relax along my thesis defense, but also looked so happy. So happy, so that my academic advisor uttered the question 😀

Happiness, regardless what might be its trigger, is basically a choice. Classic but true that people say happiness is actually simple. We simply need to create its cause! And don’t you think we have too many reasons to feel happy? Why waiting for certain big moments to be happy? And that’s what I’m trying to rebuild. As a human being, having problem(s) in this temporary life is sunnatullah. We won’t be able to get away from it. That’s what makes our life meaningful, no?

So what I’m trying to say is, being happy doesn’t equal to having no problem at all, yet having problems shouldn’t make us avoid the reasons to choose happy. Or in this sense, to be grateful. And being really happy, in my opinion, will impact on the image to (always) look happy. Even unfortunately sometimes it also impacts on the weight of certain women, or a woman, called me, which making me look big *an unfair justification* :p

Every single time I write and publish things to my blog, I always hope what I share will enliven your mood, turn you to be (more) happy, or at least bring smile to your face 🙂

Let’s be happy :*

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