Points to be noted


After observing some seminars of my seniors and friends, and listening to one of the examiners’ suggestions in the seminar for the proposed research design, here I recap some stuffs that can be taken into account and considered covering the points in the research proposal:

1. Background: provide the uniqueness of the research and how our research fill in the gap of the previous researches. It can be explored from: methodology/approach we use in our research, the depth of the analysis of our research, the data triangulation of our research compared to other researches.

2. Research problem should be specific and scientific. It’s recommended to do a pre-research and present the problem appears so it’s scientific.

3. Literature review, the contents and the title of every section can be developed from our own understanding after reviewing the literatures we have read. Note this: do not be too general yet avoid being too specific. You choose the topic, then you should know what to present in literature review.

5. Research method: convey the strengths and the weaknesses of the method we use, then back up with the arguments of why our research is appropriate for using the method. However, some other lecturers argue this notion. Weaknesses should not be included in the proposal, explore more on the strengths. It’s your call, then. My suggestion: go on with your supervisor’s advice, then elaborate on the seminar if the examiners ask you to do.

Good luck with the proposal 🙂


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