Entry Eleven: Final Entry (or not)


As I mentioned in my Google+ account, till the 10th entry, I let myself writing the project without updating any entries after I completely finish it. And yeay, I finally finish it 😀

No need to tell how much constraints I faced after the tenth entries. Still a lot of distractors, which you know, I create myself. Always hahahahaha *pokerface* That’s why when I finally made it, wow I feel so relieved although I clearly know that it is not the end of this project. I am still gonna go through the rest of the process: consultation, having my paper revised, bibliography and references cross-check, administration and other bureaucracy, and final exam. I really hope whole process won’t take too long time. I devote my time fully for this project, till I am inaugurated.

Related to my writing, frankly I already have description of where and what kind of flaws in my paper that absolutely will be crossed with a big X by my supervisors. That’s because, I think I really wrote without considering that anybody gonna read it in detail, although I surely know both of my supervisors will really truly undoubtedly read it very detail till the dot I put on every paragraph. It will still be revised, anyway. So, why bother? :p

So, okay, now I am ready to face the next steps. I am ready and for sure gonna miss this moment so much.


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