Entry Ten: Weblogs preserve our writing

Write like you dance

Today I’ve reached the emerging theme called: E-portfolio. In literature review, I did elaborate about about Weblogs as e-portfolio, so well, that’s what we should do when writing the theoretical foundation, no? It should be the guide in Chapter 4, anticipating the data that may come out for the project.

And I am really glad that all of the participants I interviewed show their positive attitude towards the use of Weblogs as the media to ‘preserve’ their writing. They mentioned that one of many ways to do it is by publishing their assignments to blog. Or at least, make use the blog as the media to practice their writing. By the time goes on, they will find out whether or not they make any advancement.

And that’s what I do now.

Years from today, I think I will laugh out loud reading what I am writing now, as I did when I read what I used to write and publish, till I decide to retract some of my full-of-shame-moments entries =p

Well, Weblogs are, in fact, giving us opportunity to track our writing. More than that, many people may have benefits from what we wrote. As I frequently tell you, we never know who might be inspired and motivated or at least informed after reading our postings. Or maybe, falling in love to you because your writing is just so enchanted. Who knows, rite?

If you’re interested to have more academic-taste elucidation about Weblogs as e-portfolio, you can read it here.

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