Entry Eight: A Bunch of Motivation

Keep writing before it stops snowing

I feel so elated today.

I got one more reference for my online observation notes. I recognize that the language style that I always use since the very first time I started blogging is called netspeak, or textspeak.

My unofficial supersivor told me that it was also conformed to text-based language. Non academic writing. For example, “That’s what I told u”. The use of that’s and u indicates that the language style is netspeak, generally used in text messages and other online communication to simplify the real words without losing its meaning.

Also, netspeak is like when we are having conversation instead of writing. Well, that’s somewhat how I feel when I write in blog. Some people call it as blogging language, though. The purpose is to make the audience comfortable when reading the entries. Do you feel like now I am talking to you when you read this? I do :p

Another reason of my ecstatic feeling today is the picture above: Keep writing because we are waiting *snowman, and snowflake* 😀

In this so-many-self-distractors condition, all I need is actually simply a bunch of motivation. From inside and outside of me. So, thank you to contribute upholding my motivation.

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