Entry Two: Vacation Project, face the challenges


It’s such a big challenge to do this project at this very moment, with so many distractors *which mostly I created myself hiks hiks*. Anyway life must go on. Then I have to force myself to continue this project, and also post this entry two.

So far, I have done with the questionnaires and interview recordings. I have printed them out for the convenience of reading them through. I am now still in progress to divide the text into segments of information, and then collapse the code into themes. Thank God my experience using blog really helps me a lot to sort the things out.

Mostly, the data are in line with the theories I provide in Chapter 2. It should be that way, for sure. Anyway I still need to explore more from Online Observation to triangulate the data. I plan to do it tomorrow.

Okay then. I think I really have to fight myself from any laziness that might provoke me to procrastinate, for last nite I had a dream that one of my lecturer asked me how far I have been doing the project :'((((

So see you tomorrow with next entry.


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