We Complete Each Other

We do have some things in common, we also have so many different sides as human beings. Yet, we just ‘click’. We’ve got our zing.

To people whom we found the zing, we never worry about losing topics to talk. Even the silence between us feels so meaningful. The pauses among our talks serve some spaces to store almost always the same idea, to then be delivered at almost exact same time.


When we find that our opinion is similar, we’re gonna proudly smile, feel so happy because hey, I am not the only one thinking this way! Yet, when our stance in fact is different at all, surprisingly we do respect each other. I won’t force you to agree with my argument, you do the same. The zing rules, the bond gets better. Till then we switch topics.

We’re gonna pass the days, months, years. Changes will be there one day in our life. But just remember this writing, and please never let the zing fall over. Not even fading away. Because you know, I will always be happy to see you, to talk with you, to know that you also feel that we’re close. Coz yes, we are. We complete each other.


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