I love you in Russian

Here is an excellent video and an article on this subject http://www.primelanguageservices.com/blog/free-lessons/i-love-you-in-russian/ It teaches you not only how to say I LOVE you in Russian, but phrases like “I can’t live without you” in Russian, “My love has no borders”, “All ages surrender to love”, etc.

I LOVE YOU in Russian is Я ТЕБЯ ЛЮБЛЮ / ya tee-bya lyub-lyu

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU in Russian is НЕ МОГУ ЖИТЬ БЕЗ ТЕБЯ / nye mah-goo zheet’ byes tee-bya

MY LOVE HAS NO BORDERS in Russian is МОЯ ЛЮБОВЬ НЕ ЗНАЕТ ГРАНИЦ / mah-ya lyu-bof’ nye znah-yet grah-neets

ALL AGES SURRENDER TO LOVE in Russian is ЛЮБВИ ВСЕ ВОЗРАСТЫ ПОКОРНЫ / lyub-vee vsye vohz-rahs-ti pah-kohr-ni

ALL I NEED IS YOUR LOVE in Russian is ВСЁ, ЧТО МНЕ НУЖНО – ЭТО ТВОЯ ЛЮБОВЬ / vsyo, shtoh mnye noozh-nah etah tvah-ya lyu-bohf

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU in Russian is Я БУДУ ВСЕГДА ЛЮБИТЬ ТЕБЯ / ya boo-doo fsyeg-dah lyu-beet’ tee-bya

I hope that this fully answers your question on how to say I LOVE YOU in Russian and now you can express your feelings of love and say I love you in Russian with no issues.


Russian Online School: http://www.primelanguageservices.com/blog/free-lessons/i-love-you-in-russian/
Learn Russian on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Learn-Russian/178947795520245

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