Kura-kura Beach

Feels like a model :p

Cape, tapi seneng juga. Saya barusan pulang dari survey lokasi untuk ESA On Tour, kegiatan kampus. Skalian juga, survey ini saya jadikan ajang untuk observasi dan laporan untuk terbit di halaman English Day on Tribune sabtu ini. Begini laporan saya:

Just need to count down couple of days after today, we’re going to have long holiday enough to spend. One more wonderful place is recommended to you for spending your precious holiday. It’s Kura-Kura Beach.

When noticing the name of the beach, you may think that you will find turtle loitering around the beach. Well, actually it should be so. The manager of the beach, Charlie Robertson and Siska Robertson claimed that the beach is named Kura-Kura since turtles stopped over the beach, and then they laid eggs there. Anyway, when we observed the beach on Thursday (27/11), we found no turtles there. So, we suggest you to change your primary purpose if your want to come to the beach just to look for the turtles or merely play with them.

It seems that the beach is less of touch of decoration. But that’s the thing which make the beach doesn’t lose the feel of its natural atmosphere. The beauty of the beach is the most important thing to make it fascinating to visit by local and foreign tourist. People are still able to feel the environment ‘virgin’ of the beach which is located in Tanjung Gundul, Bengkayang Regency. However, if you maybe want to spend days and night at the beach, you still need to bring, at least, your own sleeping bag or your tent because there is no inn or hotel near the beach. No need to worry about the security. Ibu Iin and his husband who live close to the beach and take care for catering for their costumers who usually spend holiday in the beach said that Kura-Kura Beach is secure enough as one of camping destination. “The security is okay here.”

Can’t wait to go there? Get your car or motorcycle now! It just takes 3 hours to reach the beach. From Pontianak to Tanjung Gundul, we will travel for about 110 kilometers. If you start your travel from Singkawang, it just takes 15 kilometers to go to the beach. You maybe will have a bit difficulty to find the gate to come in to the beach. The sign for you for not missing the place is the sign “Pantai Alam Indah” in front of the beach. After that, go through your way 3 kilometers more to reach the beach which is located behind the small hill. Have a nice vacation! (dhz)

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