I believe, you believe, we believe

apa yang selama ini saya kerjakan?

>> blogging, plurking, facebooking, pusing ah..

loh, jadi bagaimana dengan niat untuk menentramkan hati tahun ini?

>> ya, niat itu kokoh.

Tapi, masa sih cuman berbekal niat aja? Usahanya mana?

>>Biarkan Allah saja yang betulbetul tau bagaimana saya mengazamkan niat dalam hati, untuk kemudian saya implementasi dalam bentuk usaha.


>> I do. I still believe although till today I don’t know how I can be there, but I believe.

Bagemana bisa yakin begitu?

>> I am not standing alone, I am not this confidence if I have no picture inside my head to confirm my heart for believing thing that is not merely myself and I believe it. Means, it’s not only I believe, but WE BELIEVE.

We? 2 person here, do u mean?

>> It is. Do you want to know what I believe?

Yes, tell me what you believe.

>> I believe I will legally be the real princess of the very important prince, atleast this year, atmost at the beginning of next year.

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