Meeting canceled! (again)

I wonder how to utter my feeling on this: again and again, the meeting was canceled, because of some other executive board members couldn’t make the meeting, and they gave no confirmation!

Do you know, people, that I made my day special for the meeting?

Do you know, people, that I let myself free for this half day to conduct the meeting?

Do you know, people, that I let myself spend my money for having my lunch outside out of my daily lunch-budget with my so-called bestfriend for having ontime meeting?

Why should it be canceled, and replaced to another day? Again, and again! I do hate this much!

I realize, and very notice that I am not the person in charge for the organization. I am merely ordinary member, who maybe never that important for the organization. I maybe was and even am still considered as the main board member of the organization who has not much contribution for the organization, well let’s say so, though I’ve tried to hold an event name English Pintar. But the cancellation of the meeting *it is Pleno Meeting* for the improvement of the organization shouldn’t be anymore! I was totally annoyed about this.

I have made my friend, the operator of Volare -bang Pandy-, spent his day on being the operator for the program I conduct every Tuesday, English Teletalk. The program is actually a program which I broadcast for the organization, for the fame of the organization. But considering that the pleno meeting is much more important than ‘merely’ having the broadcasting which people in the board may will think that I am so much egoist for making my broadcasting time as the priority, then I prefer to have the program recorded, then asked bang Pandy to handle the operation. It’s been so many times I made him spend his time for my own sake of the organization!

Really, I have no other idea what to say more about this. Pending, and pending, and always pending. Seems to be there’s no more commitment inside the member, but saying it is also an underestimating action for the other who didn’t come. Confusing.

4 thoughts on “Meeting canceled! (again)

  1. rapat ape din yang di cancel??? sini aku bantu nge-bantainya…ha…3x
    it sounds too Viking, doesn’t it?
    itu di jumroh jak yang ngebatalkan tuh!!! atau kite bekap mulutnye pake kain perca bekas emak aku ngelap2 lantai…biar ade sensasi rase tempe gembus yang dibiar2kan selama 100 hari100malam yang tak diolah2

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