Tired, need rest

Really, I am so tired. I do really need a rest. Let me say that it is the most hectic week I ever had along this year. The second, I mean. But this one is really absorbing out my energy. It makes me hard to breathe.

However, still, grumbling is no use. Once I grumble, then a judgment of working insincerely will hold me tight. Really hate it! I told them that I wanna join this, really wanna join, but the condition is always this way! Why? I have that intention, and the time should go with me! But it does not! It left me behind. Throw me away in my own lonely feeling.

What else then but crying? For this happen really merely coz of me, coz of my stupidity.

I really miss that crying. A crying to one ahaha what a real stupid, huh? Tears today are much different from yesterday. I used to cry for one, for man, and men. What a trash tears those were! Anyway, the previous tears are my real reflection. A sign which screams to me, asks me to not repeat those more. Even just a single insignificant step. No, and NEVER!

Today, my tears are far from those things. So far away. I will keep laughing myself every time I remember that I used to be dumb, wasted my priceless tears for things without price.

The word NEVER is really my key to consider every time I will play with this very sensitive liquid. A promise to myself, actually. Yes, a promise to not cry for the abominations.

Anyway, friends, they’re part of me. My past. And I can’t leave my past even just a bit step.


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