Work, and work, and Work again!

Thanks God, I can be here again to publish this post!

Though a homework from friend still can’t be conducted yet, but I try to publish this post to show my existence in blogworld! Well, it’s been so much nice having so much long time leaving this wonderful world. For about few month, I need to be focus on my project as I am the Project Manager named English Pintar 2008 which did really need to be handled seriously. And Alhamdulillah, it’s really wonderful to have such a great event with some friends who were also serious conducted the event.

So many feelings to share with you guyz… But still I haven’t found the right time (and right mood) to share it… Don’t ever to e worry coz there’s no time to say no time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Work, and work, and Work again!

  1. Work again?. Well. That is it. I might be stop working in the next few years to come. I would like to return at campus again, and studying as student. I hope so and I know so.


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