What a hectic day! But happiness still flow slowly but sure as the time goes by. Amazing day. However, it’s not been really full day of October 30. I’m, as usual, in the middle of the nite after playing a bit with some nice task and interesting duty dealing with this lovely notebook 😉

I think I’d like to go flashback, just a flash.

..karena cinta kuat seperti maut, kegairahan gigih seperti orang mati, nyalanya adalah nyala api. Air yang banyak tak dapat memadamkan cinta, sungai-sungai tak dapat menghanyutkannya..

Maka, haruskan kita tenggelam ke dalamnya? Atau hanyut saja? Lewati sungai itu, dengan bahagia. Atau, biarkan sebuah perahu jadi tempat untuk menunggu? Lagi dan lagi, menunggu yang menyenangkan. Sungguh, menyenangkan. Karena banyak tiupan angin segarkan wajah sampai ke hati.

What a nice thing to wait!

When uncountable wind slaps me gently in my waiting time, nothing to compare it to! Even ice cream names Conello can’t beat the beauty of this amazing waiting!

Just Michael Buble as the symbol of the Beauty of July, maybe, which is able to beat. However, waiting for March while listening the beauty of July, isn’t it a great idea?

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