I have passed the unforgettable twenty second september. It’s been 23rd, sharp 12:00 AM! However, I still feel that I am in 22nd for I love this date so much.

Yeah, yesterday I gathered in high school class reunion. It’s the second after last reunion. Thanks God because it was much more interesting than before. I can speak up my opinion in front of my akhwat friends. We discussed many things. So many things till we talk about Harry Potter, Ayat-Ayat Cinta, Orang Kebenaran *a name from one of my friends for those who set them exclusively in long veil at her campus*, flashback, really so many things we talked.

I was a bit hypocrite setting me in that situation, I think. In one session of discussing, i was not me I think *now, I realize that I shouldn’t have done it*.

Just wanna fill in my need tonight. No special thing to write thus.

4 thoughts on “reunion

  1. he eh, dan mulai melihat beberapa perubahan pada mereka. ada yang positif, ada yang negatif, ada yang ancur, tapi teuteup, saya yang paling cantik gyehehehe


  2. Memang reuni enak.

    Setuju banged dengan Sani Blognya bagus kok salah komen.

    Soal reuni ya memang penuh NOSTALGIA deh. Ada yang udah nikah, ada yang udah bekerja mapan, dan ada juga yang masih JOMBLO.


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