Coz I AM NOT donkey

Am I a woman who shouldn’t have a real love feeling from a man whom I wanna be with? Am I a woman who doesn’t deserve to have it one? Why should always be like this? Am I cursed? So sad August, against July…

But I still remember well that August is the month that I had (also) so many nice and unforgettable memories. In this month also, I got priceless lesson from experience. One experience seems to be so simple to think as the most important thing to think. But this experience is not as simple as what I thought. I am not a donkey.

A donkey! Am I a donkey? From new today, I should and must make my list of priority of what I am gonna do next. Just imagine I were in that position, then I noticed something wrong happened to someone whom I do love much! That will be hurt. And I think I am the only woman *around thousands of my friends* who deserves to have it. So, dinie, forget to do something stupid that possibly hurt, because willy nilly finally all the small and big things you do will hurt you!

Well, let me free again. As today, freedom of beloved Indonesia!


2 thoughts on “Coz I AM NOT donkey

  1. hm, hm.. we’re all NOT donkey..

    dan tau gak???

    aku NGGAK MUDENG SATU pun postingan kamu ini…
    potonya nyusul, ya..

  2. wehehehe sapa juga yang suru kamu mudeeeeng sama smwaanyaaa dudul :p

    smw tulisan yang diposting ini kan maknanya tersirat, ga dijelaskan secara jelas dan detail siapa dan apa yang aku maksud.

    jadi, bisa saja KAMU kaaaan hwahahahaha…

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