Kupu on the final July

Last week was my birthday, and today is one of my friends’ birthday. Happy birthday to you, honey. I luve you, as much as you don’t know that we actually do love each other without expressing it seriously. But loving each other doesn’t mean that we must build a serious relationship for future preparation. The most satirfactory thing to be your friend is when I can find it inside you. I can say that I love you without we have to have ‘that relationship’. Hopefully we are always kept to make this kind of feeling in the right line.

Today also, I successfully aspirated my idea to my lovely boss*yes, today seemed that I and other friends of mine in the office where I am the manager agree about that ‘lovely’* and I will get my right as soon as possible. Actually, it’s not just about money. It is more about professionalism! Well, I don’t think that I must discuss about the problem which I have found the solution more. So, skipping it is much better I think.

Tonight, I have many thoughts in mind. About back to school, not to be the student anymore but to be the teacher! I am going to teach in my lovely school where I used to study and spend time everyday there, and next tomorrow I am gonna start my first class without any good preparation. What a brave me! Who do I think I am? Yea, I am the kupu, the free KUPU who is ready to fly whenever and wherever I want.

I am the KUPU who is still responsible to keep my self spread my wings to fly through the air.

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