Having HAPPY Weekend!

It’s gonna be august soon, means I have to leave this very sweet and lovely july. Don’t worry, coz I have promised myself that I will be happy along the years, means including months and days! So, I am ready to be happy everyday!
Just as today, I go ‘nyampan’ to Kapuas River with my bestfriends.
It’s very great! That’s a big refreshing, a real weekend after having a bit hectic day this month. Today is the holiday, should be. Yes, and I got it! Thanks God, coz I and my bestfriends explored our feeling in the middle of the river, right on the boat. Screaming and singing and ‘shaming’ ourselves today. Oooh, what a happy weekend!

Inside the ‘happy weekend’, I got badnews from my beloved sister who seemed to be hard to tell something that actually she did want to tell. Just because of too shy *maybe, or she really had no brave to tell what I know about it now*, she is trying to make herself suffer from that feeling. I just wonder now. Why should some people *my sister is one of the people and I also was actually* really like to dramatize what we call as ‘loooovvvveeee feeling’ and suffered because of it! That’s not still important.

I also wonder about myself that I am maybe too much disturbing another people’s live. I just spoke a bit and mention a name at a glance, really just a glance, then people slowly but sure begin telling me about their story, which not whole people they tell to, and I feel like I am believed! I am glad to be. I just sometimes feel that they are annoyed about that. But I sometimes force them to tell hehe. Yeah, if they don’t want to tell me, I will make a speculation by myself, and sometimes my ‘pardonable’ speculation is not wrong. I do have a great instinct to guess! That’s why, I think most people *who are my friends and trust me to not reveal* prefer to tell me what they (should) feel about.

What about me, myself? Yea, I am too much thinking about many things till I forget to be a good manager for myself. I today even didn’t know that I have that feeling again, and tonight I trash it away with this nite dream. Good night.


2 thoughts on “Having HAPPY Weekend!

  1. Wah… great activity tuhh… nyampan sebagai rekreasi. As far as I remember, the very last time I went nyampan itu dah lama sekali, waktu masih culun jd mahasiswa di semester awal, waktu mo liqo’ (wah… bisa2 ketahuan neh, liqo’-nya dulu dmn…), dan itu pun dari ‘garis start’ ke ‘garis finish’–alias di seberang tegang terus selama perjalanan. Norak kan (gini deh nasib orang yg g bs berenang…).

  2. ahahahaha… kasian yang ga bisa berenang, memang begitu jadi suka parno sama air hwahahaha… tapi, temen saia ga bisa berenang, malah jalan-jalan donk di atas sampan. kikikik… ebad kaaan…

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