Stay tuned on MY LOVE

Hari ini Juni… Senang sekali hari ini. Entah karena apa. Senang, senang, senang yang meneteskan air mata.

..karena cinta kuat seperti maut, kegairahan gigih seperti orang mati, nyalanya adalah nyala api. Air yang banyak tak dapat memadamkan cinta, sungai-sungai tak dapat menghanyutkannya..

Maka, haruskan kita tenggelam ke dalamnya? Atau hanyut saja? Lewati sungai itu, dengan bahagia. Atau, biarkan sebuah perahu jadi tempat untuk menunggu? Lagi dan lagi, menunggu yang menyenangkan. Sungguh, menyenangkan. Karena banyak tiupan angin segarkan wajah sampai ke hati.

Should I go out?

Am I supposed to go out?

Or I must go out?

Or I have to go out?

But I’m willing to stay… I am serious asking… seriously, need a serious answer.

Eventhough can’t be one, but I do want to be the one.

The one can feel the LOVE, to stay tune on the LOVE.

Sure, I still dunno what to think and to do coz anything could be the answer.

But I absolutely know, far away, deeply inside this heart, maybe I never care that whatever the answer will be, I’ll stay myself to tune on the LOVE, although he doesn’t allow me to do.

I’m so much passionate, my friend told me that.

My eyes seem saying that I am passionate. I need truly deeply love.

It’s been a long time, it has gone…

no love, no je te’ ame.

I used to cry, I used to be sad, for something that I was not supposed to.

*I was stupid—and am!*

I dun wanna loose it twice. One is enough, and hurt.

But whole the words have cured me well.

Am I gonna be hurt, again?

Is it gonna be hurt? Or I’m gonna make it hurt, for me myself?

Am I that stupid to hurt myself? Answer by yourself!



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