Dream… oh my dream… oh myself…

Kemarin, saya mendapat sebuah doa untuk sebuah kebaikan yang saya lakukan untuk orang yang saya sayangi… Saya didoakan agar mimpi saya untuk sebuah impian yang mungkin tak mungkin tergapai bisa digapai… Uwh, ternyata itu hanya mimpi hwahahaha…

I realize it but I’m dreaming of a dream that I’m actually not allowed to dream it. But since it’s all dream only, so I keep ‘dreaming’ on my dream and let the dream to be dreamy all this long life…

Want to know? Yea, im gonna tell you that today, and tomorrow, and also yesterday, I have been having a dream to dream 3 men, to be with one of them… The men in my head, and heart also…

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), none 3 of them could be with me. Tha’ts why, I call it as a


I can’t touch them, even in my dream!!! They are also forbidden to touch…


But I still love of dreaming it


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